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Denna intressanta artikel om öronen på Samojeden är tidigare publicerad under någon av trådarna på FORUMET av Polarull.


In the 1929 issue the following picture was published:

Text with the picture:
"Female Samoyed Farningham Narucha of Samoya, born on May 8, 1927, father Ch Polar Light of Farningham, mother Destara of Farningham. A female with a beautiful coat, ideal small ears, nice posture of the ears, she already came to herself again after her journey, at a show still a little bit timid. Won a championship at Brussels. Owner Mrs T. Walt van Lennep. A gain and a promising female for a good stockbreeding."

In the atlas Anatomy by Roel & Piet Beute-Faber the following text was found about ears:

Remarks with the above:
Perhaps it was not a very good choice to mention the ears of a Samoyed rather small at that time.
Nowadays a lot of breeders are not able to make a good interpretation of the word anymore
when they read the standard and breed to it.
Compare the ears above and take your own conclusion.
The dog on the picture at the left was one of the dogs who stood model for the first standard in 1909,
so we should accept those ears as the one and only right ears for a Samoyed.
All things go by comparison ... even the word 'small' ... so it is wise to also have a very good look at the pictures!

To help you a little bit: underneath you can see from left to right: small ears (ChowChow), medium seized ears (Samoyed), and large ears (German Shepard).

And, what do you think now yourself when you read a Samoyed must have small ears?

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